Sex for One - The Art of Male Masturbation

A man's personal guide to better masturbation!

Finally, a book that deals with the subject of masturbation with humor and aplomb. Every man does it, but few talk about it. We'll talk about it here -- and show you how to have more fun doing it. After all, it's the safest form of sex around. In Sex for One you'll discover :

25 new techniques for spicing up your masturbation sessions

Erotic accounts of readers' super-hot masturbation sessions

Intimate accounts of first masturbation experiences

The super-slick lubricant made specifically for male masturbation (it wipes off easily with a towel!)

Complete description of the two new mechanical masturbators

Complete worldwide list of masturbation clubs

Extensive masturbation questionaire

And MUCH MORE! Take matters into your own hands and learn how to maximize your personal pleasure today. 80 pages. Fully illustrated.